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Book: The Chavismo Files
14 Diciembre 2015
Book: The Chavismo Files
We are proud to announce that the book The Chavismo Files (In Spanish: Expediente del Chavismo) written by Fermín Lares, journalist and Fellow at the Center for Democracy and Development in the Americas, has been translated to English and is available at Amazon.com
This book is the record of a case study: Chavismo and its destructive flaw in Venezuela over more than 15 years. It is about a regime that changed the country's democratic institutions. One that replaced the organization of the state to conform it to its convenience. A regime that expropriated productive agricultural, livestock and food businesses; that nationalized private land, buildings, shopping centers, warehouses, factories; that modified in their detriment the values of key institutions of society, such as the military and the oil industry. Hugo Chavez and his accomplices reversed the political and administrative decentralization of the state to focus government action on the President of the Republic. Venezuela was led to the edge of bankruptcy. Scarcity of basic staples became rampant in the country, health was taken to intensive care, and much of its industry was placed in ruins. Chavismo, as the expression of XXI Century Socialism, divided Venezuelans by promoting hatred among them. Criminality rose to unimaginable levels. Human rights were the most violated. These are the files to be used to judge Chavismo before history.


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